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Today, mid market private companies must deal with a competitive landscape that is constantly shifting. Business strategies express how your company will meet the challenges posed in this environment. They form the framework that enables the organization to cope with change and uncertainty while aligning its resources to the task. A good business strategy should serve as a framework for making key decisions impacting the business. It provides a basis for more detailed analysis, and enables management to benchmark and monitor performance.

In order to be effective, we believe a strategic plan must be, realistic and attainable to ensure that managers and business leaders are aligned and able to implement the strategy. Kilbride’s role is to provide management with the tools and methods to ensure that the strategy is properly defined and that there is the proper organizational alignment for its execution.

Positioning for Future Growth:

We work with you to refine and develop your strategy to position your business for growth or to accelerate/ realize your exit strategy.

  • We assist you in developing the right people processes and culture.
  • We help you communicate the vision to ensure consensus among key stakeholders.
  • We ensure the strategy is aligned to balance your personal, business and family demands – prioritizing and balancing competing objectives.

The Kilbride business strategy development process involves several stages, including:

  • A Strategy Mapping Process to develop a shared vision that draws together people, process, customer and financial initiatives;
  • Identifying the future direction and the key strategic themes to move you toward your long term goals;
  • Translating the strategic themes into plans, deciding on priorities, and assisting you in determining how to proceed;
  • Reviewing the strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure it remains relevant and consistent with the strategic course you have chosen.

A fact-based business strategy:

The Kilbride process enables the development of a fact-based, business strategy that quantifies goals, identifies gaps and provides the means to measure and fix performance and resource issues.

Managing according to the strategic framework developed using the Kilbride process will enable:

  • Greater clarity throughout the organization on long term business objectives;
  • Improved decision making based on strategic priorities;
  • Enhanced employee and staff motivation as individual contribution to the overall success of the business become more closely linked;
  • A culture of organizational learning & knowledge retention where progress is measured against objective criteria.

A business strategy development process allows managers to make important decisions in a broader context. It encourages knowledge sharing and creativity when dealing with the ambiguities and uncertainties that face decision makers in today’s business environment.