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We advise clients on how to realize untapped value in their businesses through corporate restructurings and recapitalizations. We work with management to identify and implement strategies to enhance business value.

For example, restructuring options may include selling non core operating businesses to strategic buyers (willing to pay a premium) or selling shares in a subsidiary to the public in an IPO.

Recapitalization options may include increases in dividend payouts, stock repurchases, leveraged recapitalizations, leveraged cash-outs or going private transactions.

Our experience includes:

  • assisting in re-organizations, combinations, etc.
  • finding new sources of capital
  • refinancing / taking out minority interests/ facilitating sale
  • bridge finacing to a change / sale
  • assistance with M&A work, due diligence , combinations, strategic relationships

In many cases, our involvement will often lead to reduced financing costs- we work to determine the optimal capital structure for the business.

Our process involves both an assessment of the risks of change to the current owners as well as the benefits (both immediate and long term) to shareholders.